Which Is Correct?

There are two groups of writers. One group plan their books so they know exactly how the story will basically end before they start writing. The other group take their idea and let the story develop as they write and where it takes them, they don’t really know.

It is hard to say which method is better and depends on the writer. I like to plan but my plan is set in sand so when writing and see a new opportunity that benefits the storyline, I will head down that track.

Really, there is no wrong or right way to write a book other than ensuring grammar, punctuation, editing is the best it can be.

My Writing Process

I am a planner. My works are thought through from beginning to end. I prefer this method because it offers me the flexibility to make minor changes to the bits that will suit the scene or point of view. It is like a jigsaw puzzle, but the only difference is I know what the final picture looks like and every piece of the puzzle and where it fits. I know exactly how the story will end, who did the deed, and why. Writing by the seat of my pants does not suit me. It leaves me having to go back and find holes in the plot creating extra work if there is a change of the story flow with a danger of missing a crucial element in the story. Planning involves me identifying not only the characters and who they are but also the locations, the weather, and props that carry the story along with believable outcomes.

So that is how I do it? Discipline and attention to detail and believe me anyone can do it too if you have the passion. So, if you are incline why don’t you give it a go, you never know you might just do it as a Pantzer or a Planner

For fifty years, I dreamt to be a writer; I read many books, but all that I wanted to do was to create stories and write. But one cannot live on writing alone, it isn’t a proper job, was what I was told when I first proposed writing as a career. So I suppressed the dream thinking it was impossible for me, but there always a light around the corner.

So I Challenge You To Try

Forty-eight years ago, a colleague dared me to write a book after my boast that anyone can write a book. Little did I know that I succeeded in writing my first novel, Inheritance, and then Deception, and The Reluctant Spy, and in the meantime I wrote an index reference for trees, techniques of related issues and pages of Bonsai Magazines which a very popular around the world.

My Current Progress

Fourth Novel Progress First Draft

Started the 16 of March 2020we have the characters and their backgrounds, the location set (the photo courtesy of Church Crawler, Somerset UK), and the crime. The first chapter is started with 2 scenes set.

It is a murder mystery with an unusual twist which will challenge my readers

   Photos by Church Crawler, Somerset UK

The change from the original characters has proven to be a benefit and deepens the mystery. The new characters are a shift to my normal use of characters people know, but I’m sure you will enjoy these individuals and their past. More on this soon and for further information and updates go here.

Fifth Novel Progress

This novel is still at the embryo stage. Have developed the Theme and Premise and researching the location so the readers who have read The Reluctant Spy will know my protagonist and is a continuation of her personal story. The tale and plot is percolating away between plotting the fourth novel. For more information, go here. Photo by Olav Sejeroe -Olbia Archaeological Park.

Coming Soon

Currently in progress is a new series for subscribers of my newsletter and with my hectic life I hope to finish the first series by Christmas, which not long now. I am confident that my many readers will be surprised and pleased with the finished product. I don’t believe this has not been produced by any other authors, but only time will tell.

Now this gift will only be available to new and current subscribers to my newsletter, so do not hesitate and subscribe to the newsletter now.

Until Next Time

Thank you for your company and I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me giving you insights into my world. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

As always, my best wishes to you and your family and be kind to each other.

Angelo Mifsud,

Author of the novels; Inheritance, Deception, and The Reluctant Spy. Also, the author of the Bonsai Magazines; Bonsai Focus and International Bonsai, plus a vehicle and touring record book.

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