A big shout out and a thank you to our Health Care workers

A big shout out and a thank you to our Health Care workers

To all the health workers, I thank you for what you do. You go out each day caring and supporting COVID-19 affected people. We are grateful for your diligence about the task.

My area is in lockdown and as much as it is hard, I accept what has to be done. Many people object and I understand how they feel, but it is for the good of all.

It has been the longest winter I can ever remember this year (2021). I recently was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease, which reduced my activity in the garden. I am now waiting for the Summer so I can get out in the garden and recharge my batteries.

Continued Learning

Anyway, I am still writing and finding opportunities to increase my skills. I continue to learn the writing craft and find something new every day. It is surprising the information on writing is out there. Writers use different tools and are happy to share with others and shows how connected the writing community is in the world.

I subscribe to ProWritingAid and, recently, Fictionary to assist my editing. These aids have been excellent, so I recommend authors look at using them for their work.

My Progress

Fourth Novel Progress First Draft

The positive that has come from this long Winter is that I have spent more time on my writing. I finished the first draft of the fourth novel.

While the fourth novel is on hold, I am working on developing the narrative, the theme, the premise, the selection of characters and their backgrounds, the locations for the fifth novel. I will let the fourth novel stew before I get back to finishing it, adding flesh to the draft skeleton.

More on this soon and for further information and updates, go here.


This has been a success since its introduction. It summarises my progress and reveals new happenings. This month’s newsletter reveals additional work that will be published in 2022/2023. It has helped me to keep in touch with my readers. It gives inside information of what is coming that is new and of interest. This month’s edition waiting is for you, but you will need to subscribe below and by joining will receive a free eBook, so do not miss out and subscribe here.

Until Next Time

Thank you for your company and hope you have enjoyed this blog. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.

As always, my best wishes to you and your family and be kind to each other.

Angelo Mifsud,

Author of the novels; Inheritance, Deception, and The Reluctant Spy. Subscribe to the newsletter here and packed with interesting information.

About Angelo Mifsud (1946) is an author of fiction and non-fiction. Maltese born, he immigrated to Australia at four, growing in the inner suburbs of Sydney. He has a varied working career in private enterprise, Australian military, the Australian public service, and as a consultant. He retired and began writing full time. He has published works in fiction. Mystery/suspense novels with stories based on history focusing on everyday lives. He also published non-fiction works and research Bonsai Magazines and published an index reference for two international Bonsai Magazines.

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