The Withycombe Mystery is the first in the Chief Inspector Oliver Scott series.


Newly promoted Inspector Oliver Scott wakes on the first day to a murder case that will test his career. He is called to the Sandhill Farm by his team, Detective Sargent Neville Vincent and Detective Constable Lindsay Thompson. They had arrived to find Claire Walsh married yesterday on the Saturday and found dead the next morning by her new husband, Henry Walsh. Natural causes seemed the most likely, but the local doctor doesn’t believe Claire died of natural causes, so is her death caused by something more sinister? Lady Beatrice, the bride’s mother, accuses the groom, as her daughter’s killer. Oliver Scott arrives to establish whether Claire Walsh’s death was from natural causes, or murdered. The autopsy on the body confirms murder caused Claire Walsh’s death. Scott takes Henry Walsh in for questioning on suspicion of his wife’s murder after Lady Beatrice accused Henry of murdering her daughter and finding evidence in his car that he was most likely the killer. But who else but Henry Walsh could have killed Claire when he was the only other person in the room? And why did she have to die on her wedding night? Rumours point to the Joan Carne’s ghost being responsible for Clare’s death? This myth of the witch damages Scott’s investigation, adding to his battle in solving the murder and prove his ability as a police officer.

Who murdered Claire Walsh? Was it her husband or a someone jealous of her marriage to Henry? Will Inspector Scott solve the crime and pass the test he set for himself?

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