Ruth Westcott, an Archaeologist, searches for the scrolls and manuscripts that were saved in the destruction of the library of Alexandria. She believes many manuscripts were saved and hidden and protected by a special community. When the Archaeologist discovers a secret project by Russian Archaeologists and Scientists. It sparks an interest of the Western Intelligence and Diplomatic Communities. As the Archaeologist searches for her lifelong dream, the murder of a CIA spy sparks an International incident. The Egyptian Government stifled local police investigation hoping the murder will fade away. But a military coup shines the spotlight on the Egyptian Government and the secret Russian project generating interest from International spy agencies. The spy agencies now must uncover if the secret Russian project will affect western democracies. Complicating matters further, two foreign journalists arrive with knowledge of coup and become involved in the murder investigation. The Archaeologist discovers the link to the ancient scripts and the secret project. Now begins a race to find the ancient scrolls and their secrets and how they will impact on the world if they fall in the wrong hands. A tug of war between the protectors of the ancient scripts, the world spy agencies (east and west), the journalists looking for a worldwide scoop, and the Archaeologist looking for fame and fortune. Will she survive the espionage, murder, hate, assassinations, and the intrigue?

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