No launches/releases in the pipe line as yet.

Below are the projects currently in progress.

Currently developing the first draft for the next novel (number four), a cosy murder mystery.

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Project A – The working title – TNC (started 2020)

A bride is found dead on the morning after her wedding. They all blamed a witch for her death. Jeff Ainsworth, Rachel and their daughter are in England on holidays and attended the wedding. The police have a suspect with motive and opportunity but it is not clear cut as it seem. Was it murder or an unfortunate accident? Can Ainsworth help to shed light on whether it was an accident or a murder? 

Project B -Working Title – TGC (developing narrative 2020)

An American Archaeologist is taken hostage while excavating tombs is Kurdistan. Laura Rice, is hired to find and rescue the archaeologist.  Who is the Archaeologist  working for, and what was he searching for? The people who hired Laura do not know. who is holding the Archaeologist? Are they criminals or a Foreign Power Intelligence Officers? What dangers will Laura encounter and if she is caught will she be murdered?

Project C -Working Title –  TS

Aus - Outback

This scene featured in one of my upcoming novels. Currently in Narrative and Planning are in development. The novel focuses on the human race and its fight to survive from the affects of the warming climate. How will humanity as we now it now change to meet this challenge, and will Earth survive?

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